HR Business Solutions

Hi-Point Consulting offers strategic and comprehensive HR Business Solutions to assist companies with their internal growth and development.   We help our clients identify critical issues around employee performance, morale, and communication between management and staff.

Performance Management

We understand that advancing organizational strategy has to be tied to driving personnel performance through professional development.  Our comprehensive performance management solution uses a variety of tools and programs to create greater employee engagement from line staff to management, resulting in improved productivity and customer satisfaction. Our approach focuses on the organizational leadership, on coaching managers to draw upon their own creativity, determination, and dedication to lead their teams.

Employee Relations

Hi-Points works with you to ensure that your employees understand their responsibilities and company policies, as well as are aware of their rights.  We ensure that you take the appropriate corrective action when necessary to ensure compliance.

Business Research

Hi-Point Consulting excels in providing companies comprehensive business research and analytics to help grow and develop their business.   We have research tools to meet any need–from developing and improving products, better understanding customer sentiment, gaining insights into new and current target markets, analyzing trends and your competition.

Market Research

Hi-Point brings a unique multi-disciplinary approach to market research.  We examine issues from the lens of economics, business, sociology, psychology and even technology.   We conduct primary research to learn from prospective clients and customers.  We deploy focus groups, interviews, and surveys to gather opinions, to gain insights into consumer trends, and to understand generational preferences and biases–from Baby Boomers to Millennials.

Focus Group Research

As experienced facilitators, we design each focus group research project with a defined goal, recommend number and make-up of focus group participants, conduct the group discussion, compile and analyze findings.  We have conducted focus groups for a variety of clients on different topics.

Strategic Planning

Hi-Point Consulting can meet your needs for short and long-range and strategic planning. Our planning process is inclusive and participatory.  We conduct a comprehensive environmental scan (Political, Economic, Social, and Technological) and an analysis of the organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT).

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