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Hi-Point Consulting excels in providing companies comprehensive business research and analytics to help grow and develop their business.

We have research tools to meet any need--from developing and improving products, better understanding customer sentiment, gaining insights into new and current target markets, analyzing trends and your competition.

Sometimes, the challenges lie within the company.  As objective researchers, we shed light on issues surrounding employee engagement, employee development, customer service, management and leadership.   Through observation, attentive listening and confidential fact-finding we help the company see their areas of deficiencies.

We delve deep into the data to understand what it really means for your business both in the short and long term -- the challenges you may face and the opportunities you need to tap while the trends are in your favor. What are the pain points your business may encounter.  By examining best practices of your competitors or in similar industries Hi-Point can help you learn from not only your competitor successes but their failures. Through market research, feasibility studies, focus group research, and surveys, our research provides timely information at a competitive value.    We have a solution for companies of all sizes, at different stages of development, from start-ups, growing, to mature organizations.

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Certification – SPHR-HRCI

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