I retained Susanna Shamim, principal of Hi-Point Consulting to help me develop a business plan to secure financing for my business. Susanna was very thorough and helped me refine my business model, asked me thought provoking questions and made me do research on aspects of the business that I had not even considered. Her writing of the business was very detailed and made a strong case for why I needed funding. The resulting plan helped me secure a business loan. If you're thinking of launching a business, hire Susanna to assist you--you'll find her guidance and assistance well worth the investment and prevent you from wasting valuable time doing it on your own. — Michael T., Aspiring Business Owner, Las Vegas, NV

Hi-Point Consulting assisted our company refresh our old processes for hiring, interviewing and orienting new employees and she conducted talent acquisition for 5 positions locally and nationally.  Ms. Shamim, the firm's principal was instrumental in forcing us to look at our systems critically and make necessary changes that should have been done years ago.  She has continued to work with us to help us reorganize and re-evaluate the way we conduct business throughout the organization. —  COO, Quest -OEM, Medical Device Company, Irvine CA

We retained Hi-Point Consulting and Ms. Shamim to assist us with conducting exit interviews with some difficult terminations that we had to make due to performance reasons.  The employees refused to deal with our HR people, but Susanna was able to talk to them and get them to sign exit agreement, protecting our company from legal exposure. —   Branch Executive – Bank, Pasadena, CA

Ms. Shamim is an articulate, highly intelligent, and business savvy professional with sound advice and a very approachable demeanor. She was able to connect with and able to find common ground with my team instill confidence when my division was going through changes. She’s very engaged and invested in her client’s success and it translates to a wonderful collaborative experience. Working with her was both enjoyable and enlightening. – Senior Executive, Warner Brothers, Burbank, CA

Hi-Point Consulting helped us conduct an employee survey and address tensions between employees and management.   Ms. Shamim also conducted interviews with our employees and discovered the underlying issues that were the root cause.  We were able to address them through more frequent communication with management. — CEO, NVision, Los Angeles, CA (Nonprofit)

I retained the services of Hi-Point Consulting and Ms. Shamim at a pivotal point while my company had just undergone a merger. She provided clear guidance on how to respond to the abrupt changes from the merger and how to deal with challenging situations occurring in my division. Having Susanna helped me gain perspective into my challenging work and brought balance to my life and my division.  She helped me identify redundant positions, realign other positions and helped me with lay offing some.  She is a great sounding board while empowering me to be my own best leader.
Vice President, Providence, Trinity Healthcare Group, Burbank, CA

 “Through Susanna’s guidance I was better able to change my communication style with my subordinates and senior management.  Before I didn’t want to deal with an uncomfortable situation, I would just ignore it and isolate myself and was perceived as aloof and uncaring.  Susanna has shown me how I, as an executive, need to take a leadership role, mentoring junior employees, coaching and guiding them.  With senior managers, I need to develop one on one relationships, learning their individual priorities and personalities and adapting myself to what they need.” 
— Senior Executive Project Integration, Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale, CA

 My company retained Susanna Shamim to coach me as part of my professional development.  I rose up through the company and never had any formal management training.  Now as a Vice President, my old ways of managing and relating to my peers at this level were no longer working for me.  With Susanna’s coaching, I gained greater awareness and was able to develop a management and leadership style where I’m respected by my direct reports and have gained the support and respect of my peers.
— Senior Vice President, Sysco-Los Angeles, CA. (Fortune 500 Supply Chain Company)

Hi-Point Consulting demonstrated a high level of professionalism and proficiency in leading and facilitating a strategic planning process for a project for the City of Los Angeles. Their team completed the project deliverables in a shortened project timeframe while maintaining sensitivity to the needs of all involved. They facilitated a kick-off meeting with the staff to gain their trust and engage them in the planning process from the beginning. The final plan was useable, realistic and reflected the needs and priorities of the City.
Los Angeles Area Alliance

Certification – SPHR-HRCI

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