Performance Management

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Performance Management

We understand that advancing organizational strategy has to be tied to driving personnel performance through professional development.  By improving employee engagement from line staff to management, your company can  improve productivity and employee and customer satisfaction.

Our approach focuses on the organizational leadership, on coaching managers to draw upon their own creativity, determination, and dedication to lead their teams.  We use various techniques to help employees improve their performance from using performance improvement plans, progressive discipline, professional development and one-on-one coaching.


Our coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development of senior and mid level managers. Through assessments we build an understanding of the areas of strengths and weaknesses and through coaching we help the leader to identify the complimentary and distinguishing characteristics, abilities and experience of themselves and their team members.  Through our executive coaching program we help the leader regain self-confidence, operate through emotional intelligence and develop metrics for performance for their team.

Professional Development

Our professional development coaches individuals who wish to enhance their interpersonal communications skills, improve personal brand identity and leadership ability and chart a path for their personal and professional success.

We use a blended approach with proven theory and practical knowledge. Concepts are brought to life by examining business and management case studies, interactive individual role-playing exercises.  Customized one-on-one professional development  can be developed for the specific needs of the individual or the organization.

Certification – SPHR-HRCI

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